18 October 2017

MOTION BLUR, Part 1 (List)

+class practice images
+@home images
-DEVELOP: b/w, bright/contrast.

+caption: the shutter speed for the photo (ex: "1/8", "1/30")


1. Slow your shutter speed as you did for the worksheet practice photos.
2. Adjust the ISO -or- APERTURE, if needed, to compensate for the slow shutter.
3. With your partner, photograph the following on the WS. :

a. A spinning self-portrait.
b. The head bob. 
c. A ghosted figure (shutter is kept open for full seconds, with the subject being in place for only half the exposure time).
d. Blurred legs/feet (camera is at floor level).

e. Your partner doing jumping jacks
f. Book pages quickly flipped.
g. Your idea for panning camera.
h. Your idea for still camera. 

Extra credit: three or more of 'your idea' images.

HOMEWORK: Finish the WS.